Sponsor a Child

Child Sponsorship - $50-200/month

You can make a difference in the life a child! For only $50-200 a month, you will be assigned a specific child and will be updated regularly on how your support is making a difference in the lives of the child(ren) you sponsor. You can choose if you would like to be a full or partner sponsor. Full sponsors sponsor the child for the full $200. If partner sponsorship fits your budget better, you can choose $50, $100, $150 to help your child. Partner sponsors will understand that their child has more than one sponsor.

We encourage you to get to know your assigned child through email, letters, cards, gifts and updates. For further information, and the forms needed to begin, please contact us

Children needing sponsorship:

We are in the process of updating this page and currently have children available for both full and partial sponsorship. Please contact us for more details.




Full Sponsorship ($50-$200/month):

- 4 Year old boy                

- 5 year old boy                  - 12 year old boy

- 5 year old boy                  - 15 year old boy


Partial sponsorship ($50-$150 /month):

- 7 year old girl                   - 14 year old boy

- 10 year old girl                 - 16 year old girl

- 10 year old boy                 - 11 year old boy                 

- 17 year old boy                  - 11 year old boy                 

- 13 year old girl                  - 19 year old boy

- 13 year old girl                  - 19 year old boy

- 18 Year old girl

South Africa:


Full sponsorship ($50-$200/month):

- 20 month old boy 

- 9 year old boy 

- 7 year old girl


Partial sponsorship ($50-$150/month)

- 2 year old boy                - 12 year old girl

- 8 year old boy                 - 13 year old boy

- 8 year old boy                 - 15 year old girl

- 9 year old boy                 - 16 year old boy



Please note that if there are no children listed above, then all Father's House children are currently sponsored. Would you please consider giving to our general fund for now on a monthly basis, until a child is available to be assigned to you? As an indirect sponsor you are helping greatly by paying for operational costs not covered by the monthly child sponsorship donations. This includes things like utilities, transportation and special activities. As a monthly indirect sponsor, we will make you aware of the next available opportunity to sponsor a child.